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Early Years in the Waterloo Region

A Community Fit For Children

New!  A Community Fit For Children, Interim Update is now available!

A Community Fit For Children Report, 2nd Edition
Une communauté adaptée aux enfants, 2e édition

The Community Fit for Children Interim Update report paints a picture of how well Senior Kindergarten children are doing in Waterloo Region.  It focuses on data gathered through the Early Development Instrument (EDI) and the Kindergarten Parent Survey (KPS), and compares the results of 2004, 2007 and 2010 data.  This report is intended to be used as an update to the EDI and KPS data published in the Community Fit for Children 2nd Edition report, which contains additional data from Statistics Canada, Public Health, libraries, Family and Children’s Services and many other community partners.  It serves our community during the interim period between the 2009 release of the Community Fit for Children 2nd Edition report (containing 2006 Census data) and the availability of the 2011 Census data.


Community Fit for Children reports focus on the region’s 45 neighbourhoods rather than individual children or schools in order to emphasize the importance of community responsibility for supporting young children. 


Please click on the link to access the online version of the report.  For more information, hard copies of this document, or to arrange a presentation of the document for your organization or group, please contact Amy Romagnoli, Data Analysis Coordinator at the YMCA Ontario Early Years Centre at 519-741-8585, extension 225 or email: oeycdac@ckwymca.ca.

Click here to download the 1st Edition of Community of Community Fit for Children.

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